Malt Types

Productname Other Productnames Colour


Pilsen Malt or: Pale Malt

or: Lager Malt

2,5 – 3,5 To be used exclusively for pale beers (pilsner, lager) or as an additive in variable quantities for almost all other types of beer.
Spring Barley Malt For especially high-quality beers
Winter Barley Malt For beers made with the addition of, e.g. adjuncts
Vienna Malt or: Amber Malt 5,5 – 8,0 For strong, light beers and festival beers or for later colouring of palebeers
Munich Malt or: Dark Malt For dark beers, festival beers, strong beers, malt beers and stouts or for reinforcing the malty, aromatic character of medium-coloured beers (e.g. Alt – old-style German top fermented beer)

Typ 1: pale


– 18

Typ 2: dark


– 25

Wheat Malt or:

White Malt

2,0 – 4,0 For brewing wheat beers or as an additive for top fermented beers (e.g. Koelsch – strong lager, or Berlin white beer)
Caramel Malt or:

Crystal Malt

For increasing the flavour of alcohol-free or low-alcohol beers, or the darker types also for colouring while avoiding a burnt flavour.

Caramel Malt Pilsen type


– 5,0

Caramel Malt Light


– 30

Caramel Malt Dark


– 140

Colour Malt or:

Black Malt

or: Roasted Malt

or: Chocolate Malt


– 1200

For intensifying the colour and flavour of darker beers, in small quantities also for deepening the colour without changing the character of the beer.
Sour Malt or:

Acid Malt


– 7,0

For softer and paler beers, or for rounding the flavour of pilsner beers if a biological souring is not being used.
Organic Malt or:



– 3,5

Malt from certified organic cultivation which is used for organic beers