Quality Assurance

Next to water malt is the most important ingredient of beer. Therefore the quality of this raw material is so important for the quality of the final beer. This makes a consistent outstanding malt quality our main concern.

Quality assurance at the Tivoli Malz GmbH does not start with the malt but with the barley at the place of its origin with the farmers.Barley is living organism and requires very careful treatment. To keep barley healthy we thoroughly monitor the storage conditions both at our stores and at our suppliers’ stores. We also perform strict surveillance of barley delivery conditions.

During the different stages of production we also thoroughly monitor the goods and we analyze all relevant parameters of the ready made malt of every produced batch internally in our own laboratories as well as externally.

At the Tivoli Malz GmbH, quality assurance is not about rectifying errors but avoiding them in the first place. All our employees are deeply conscious of quality and we also subject ourselves to strict internal and external inspections. Next to the common certification according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard we are the first company in our industry which is also certified according to the international food safety standard ISO 22000 (Please also see separate page).

Tivoli Malz GmbH also has energy management certification according to DIN ISO 50001.

Furthermore we are audited on a regular basis by our clients which are national and international breweries and brewery groups and important food producers.